Spotlight Manufacturer in Slovenia

Slovenia, a small country located in Central Europe, is home to several prominent spotlight manufacturers. One such manufacturer is Heng hui Lighting, which specializes in producing high-quality spotlights for various applications. With their innovative designs and reliable performance, their products have gained popularity not only in Slovenia but also internationally.

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Heng hui Lighting: Leading the Way

One of the standout spotlights from Heng hui Lighting is the HCE190720-6 model. This spotlight features a rotatable angle that effectively reduces packaging area while maintaining its functionality. It has been well-received by customers in Denmark, Sweden, and Chile due to its superior quality and versatility. The product holds CE Certification and boasts an impressive annual shipment of 5,000 units.

Innovative Designs for Every Need

Another noteworthy spotlight offered by Heng hui Lighting is the HW200406-ST2-A model. This particular design showcases a creative shell shape with a transparent glass shade that creates a soft light effect. Its elegant appearance combined with its excellent performance has made it popular among customers in France and Czech Republic. Like other models from this manufacturer, it also holds CE Certification and ships around 5,000 units annually.

The HC220319-3-A model stands out with its solid wood chassis paired with a frosted light barrel design. Not only does it provide beautiful lighting effects but it also resists scratches effectively due to its sturdy construction. Customers from France and Czech Republic appreciate this unique combination of aesthetics and durability provided by this spotlight model.

A Trusted Choice for Quality Spotlights

The HW141030L-RE2-A model offered by Heng hui Lighting features solid wood chassis along with frosted light barrel, creating a stunning visual appeal. Its exceptional design and scratch-resistant properties have made it highly sought after in the UK, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. With CE Certification and an annual shipment of 10,000 units, this model has become a trusted choice for those seeking high-quality spotlights.

Wide Applications

Heng hui Lighting’s HS170326-RE1-P spotlight is known for its versatility as it can be used in various scenes. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, this spotlight delivers excellent lighting solutions to meet different needs.

Continued Success

Heng hui Lighting’s spotlights have gained recognition not only within Slovenia but also internationally. Their commitment to innovative designs, reliable performance, and adherence to quality standards such as CE Certification has contributed to their success. With thousands of units shipped annually across multiple countries including France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Chile, UK Netherlands,and Belgium; Heng hui Lighting continues to shine brightly in the spotlight manufacturing industry.

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